Saturday, 23 May 2009

My favourite animal (article)

Polar bears live in the Arctic. They have got white thick fur, strong legs and a black nose. They live a lonely life.
Polar bears usually eat fish, seals and whales. They can live without eating even three months. Their only real enemy is a man.
Polar bears can hunt and swim very well. They are about 2.5 meters tall and weigh about 250-770 kilograms. People hunt them, because they have got expensive fur and meat. They live about 15-18 years. 

Aleksa Konstantinov, V2, 18 May 2009

My favourite animal is a crocodile.
Crocodiles are dark brown. They can run fast and sometimes jump for food.
Crocodiles eat meat. They usually have sixty-eight sharp teeth. Their food goes straight into their stomachs. Crocodiles never clean their teeth.
Crocodiles are often four meters long.
I like crocodiles because they look strong.

Filip Smiljanić, V2, 18 May 2009

I like many animals, but my favourite animals are cats.
My cat’s name is Betty and she’s snowy white. Betty has blue eyes and she’s very cute.
She lives in a cat house with her brother Čupko.
Betty eats grains, meat and fish.
She can do tricks and catch butterflies.
Betty has many friends. She likes to relax in her basket and watch TV. Sometimes she likes to play with my finger and when I toss her in the air.
Betty is a clever little kitten and she’s one year old.

Milica Marić, V2, 18 May 2009 

Butterflies. Everybody loves to see that wonderful insect. It is so small, but so beautiful.
There are white, brown and colourful butterflies. They fly from flower to flower. They eat pollen and nectar.
They are so fast that only a few people can catch them.
Butterflies live in our gardens, in the parks and forests.
In the spring there are a lot of them.
They live only one day, but that is enough to show us their beauty.

Anastazija Petkov, V2, 18 May 2009

Penguins are funny little birds. They have wings, but they can’t fly. Instead, they use their wings as flippers to paddle in the water. They are excellent swimmers.
Most penguins live in the ice-covered continent of Antarctica.
They have long bodies, short legs and they can stand upright. Penguins have dark backs and white fronts that make them look like men in tuxedos. They look like people at a fancy party. Male and female penguins form couples to raise young penguins.
They live about twenty years.
Penguins are cute animals and I like them.

Filip Ivetić, V3, 19 May 2009

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