Sunday, 12 December 2010

The most terrifying day of my life (a story)

Think of a scary experience you've had. Write your story:
P1: who, when, where
P2: what happened, how it happened
P3: what happened in the end
P4: how you felt
Use time connectors, such as: while, after, suddenly, later, then, immediately, etc.  

It all began on a cold day in autumn, on the night of Halloween.

Milan and I decided to go to Wanja’s place, so that together we could visit a creepy, and for me the most terrifying place in Kikinda. It was somewhere around old motel, close to Wanja’s. It was about 6 p.m. when Milan and I got to his house. Then we went straight to the old motel and instead of following the road we decided to take a shortcut through the trees, and then we finally got to the bridge, and the motel was right ahead of us. On the left side of the motel was a row of abandoned houses, without doors and with broken windows, in front of which were bushes, high grass, some small trees and glass all over the ground. On the right side of the motel were some kitchens for the homeless, the windows were also broken, and at the back was another row of homes, also abandoned and destroyed.

First, we looked around and then we went in one of the back houses. I was first to go in. When I stepped in I felt the rotten smell of death and it was very cold inside. I walked into the first room. There was a bed, a broken mirror and one window. The walls were all torn, ripped up and on some places even burnt. The bed was covered with a white blanket and there was also a torn pillow. Then we heard a noise. A woman’s screams somewhere in the kitchens. Then we heard voices and whispers at the window. We ran out and got back to the bridge. It was already seven o’clock. The night had already fallen. Then we decided to see what was on the left side of the motel. Wanja had a flashlight so he went first. We wen through the bushes and high grass and we got to the first doors. The door was lying on the ground and when we got to the entrance of that room it suddenly got warm. It was so dark so we couldn’t see a thing, but we knew something was moving in that room. Wanja pointed the torch at the room and we saw the same torn walls, the same broken mirror, and the worst of all, that same bed. Our hearts went beating like crazy, we wished that it was a dream, but it wasn’t. The bed was covered with blood and it was dripping on the floor. There was an open door on the right wall and we saw a bloody arm going through that door. Wanja dropped his flashlight, the room went dark again and everything got hot. At that moment it was almost as if our hearts stopped beating. We only heard the noise and screams in our ears. Then everything got cold again and we started running as if the devil was chasing us.

We safely got back to our homes. At that moment we were all relieved it was all over.

Filip Ivetić, VII3, December 2010 

Filip always wanted to go to that old, scary house and now we were finally there. I was the leader, so I went in first. When we were in, we started looking around. I saw some old furnace and Filip found some coloured pieces of glass that we thought were precious stones. We were still looking for something, when, suddenly, the roof began to crumble and we were afraid. Filip started running towards the exit but I couldn’t because I was unconscious. When I came to, I felt being dragged by Filip. When we were safe we felt relieved.

Milan Reljin, VII3, December 2010

It was about 11 o’clock in the evening. My family and I had just finished our dinner and wanted to go to bed. We were in our family house, as usual.

In the middle of the night, we all heard a loud noise and woke up. We looked at each other and wondered what had happened. At the same time the ground started shaking. It was a strong earthquake. It was much stronger than it looks on TV. We couldn’t move. We crawled to our basement as quickly as possible. The second we all went in, something huge fell onto our house. A cloud of dust and smoke was around.

When everything finally stopped, we went outside. We couldn’t believe what we saw. There was a plane crash, as well. The whole city was destroyed. We felt lucky to survive this natural disaster.

Aleksa Konstantinov, VII2, December 2010

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