Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Internet (article)

The World Wide Web, more commonly known as the Internet, binds almost all computers in the world.

It makes it possible for people to upload and download files from other computers, to send e-mails to their friends or chat online. People can find almost every information they need and they can use it even for personal education.

But, that's only a half of it. The Internet can also be dangerous, because there are many sites which are full of viruses and troyans, and some can be dangerous for children. People should be careful and pay attention to what they download or with who they talk and give names and other information.

Many people can't imagine their lives without the Internet and Facebook, and that's one of the saddest things that has happened to the mankind.

Filip Ivetić, VII3, December 2010

All teens use the Internet. It is very useful but sometimes it can ruin your health.
The Internet is very useful because it can give us lots of information. It is also fun for some games to play but you must not let it ruin your study.
However, the Internet is used wrongly by some people. They can hack in your computer and get you some viruses. It can also ruin your health so be careful.
I love the Internet and I will use it the right way.

Dejan Kovačević, VII2, December 2010

The Internet is a great shortcut to connect people from all around the world. Every Internet address starts with www, which means ’world wide web’ and most end with com.
People use the Internet for almost everything. They use it to find information. The Internet also offers a lot of games that children can enjoy. It is used to find friends, too. The most visited site is ’Facebook.’
The bad side is that some people use it to hack some sites, like banks’ or of some corporations. It also has a lot of computer viruses so our computers often get sick.
I love using the Internet because I can connect with my friends from other places as well.

Filip Smiljanić, VII2, December 2010

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