Friday, 10 May 2013

My English Book (stories)

 I asked my older pupils who enjoy creative writing to write a story or a poem for the writing contest and here are their products:

A Herobrine Sighting

It was night and I was playing my favourite game - Mine craft. I was building a house when all of a sudden I saw a red stone on the top of the mountain. So I decided to climb there and get a closer look.
But, when I got to the top, there was no sign of the stone. Instead, I saw one at the bottom and the hole next to it. I quickly ran down the mountain and jumped into the hole.
A moment later I found myself in a cave. Suddenly, I saw awful white eyes staring at me. I was very scared. I started running away, but those eyes followed me.
All of a sudden a Herobrine got me. I do not remember what happened next.

Julijan Cimerman, V4

A Hallowe'en Story

Two brothers lived near an old house. There were some strange noises in the house. Every night they could hear big wooden windows open and shut by themselves. They could see a white smoke and shadows. There were lots of ghosts in that house. They were running up and down the stairs. They were laughing very loud. It was a scary house. The brothers decided to run away from it.

Marko Dejanović, V4

Alone in the dark

There's a story nobody knows, except my friend and me.
Last year when we were going home from school, we saw a house we had never seen before. My friend decided to go inside. I followed her.
We entered a big room with black walls. There was blood on the floor and the bed, too. I was very scared. I went back to the front door, but my friend was still in the centre. Suddenly, the front door closed very hard by itself. I ran to my friend and faced another door.
I found myself in a dark hall, where there was so much blood, too. I started screaming. Between us, there was just one door, but I felt like we were miles away. She talked with me, but I could not understand a word.
Then I heard an unknown voice saying that we would never leave the house.
At that moment, I saw an axe in the corner of the room and hit the front door very hard with it. That was how we escaped.
The next day, on the place where the scary house was, there was a huge hall.

Milica Marković, V3

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