Thursday, 9 May 2013

My English Book (poems)

I asked my older pupils who enjoy creative writing to write a story or a poem for the writing contest and here are their products:


In early spring
The scent expands the world
When love like the sun warms us
Violet in the grass is laughing.

With its blue hat hanging
Looking so important
No one can resist it
It is so pretty.

Ivana VarańĎanin, V2


Raindrops are falling
The joy is ours
We can easily breathe
The rain is washing off the dust
To our content

A pond here and there
Wet steps
Soul pure
It rained all night
In my eye the whole town is shining

Do you like rain
Perhaps more than me
It is a simple question
Nemanja is asking
The one who wants to know everything

The answer is due tomorrow

Nemanja Milosavljev, V3


My pink kitten
loves to jump
from branch to branch,
and knows how to grab
a banana from a monkey.

She loves to purr and cuddle,
rolls a ball down the path happily.

She's a real naughty
when she should - she does not want to sleep.

She wanders at night
and asks for nobody's permission.

When she walks down the street
she waves her paw at everyone.

Everyone loves her
because she goes to cat school all dressed up.

She loves to wear beautiful hats,
to tie colourful ribbons
and to choose the most beautiful handbags.

When I cuddle my pink kitten
she jumps like a ballet dancer,
and suddenly purrs cutely
from Monday to Wednesday.

Nevena Milovanov, V3

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