Thursday, 25 April 2013

Mickey Mouse's house (chant)

As a warm up, we chanted a well-known chant called 'Point to the window'.

Then, I asked my pupils to imagine and draw a house, with a door, windows and a roof, of course. Since there are still some pupils who have difficulty with some colours, I told everyone to colour the windows blue, the door - green, the roof - red and the walls - yellow. By the way, they are familiar with the Serbian song about a yellow house at the end of a village, thus my choice.

Finally, I told them that the house in front of them is Mickey Mouse's house. They were very pleased. Then, we learned a new chant:

Mickey Mouse has a little house,
The roof is red,
The door is green,
Knock, knock, please, come in.
a group of my class I2
After that, we were ready to listen to a new episode in our coursebooks and find out where each character was.

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