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A Legend from My Country

Serbia is full of legends. Some of them are scary, the others mythical or with cute creatures.
This legend is about howlers. They are scary creatures from Serbia. There are not too many signs of them. Some people do not even know they exist.
In Zaječar, they have been seen a lot. A legend says that if someone sees them, that person will die the next day in huge pain.
Some howlers scream like a new born baby, and the others somewhat like a wolf or bear. Howlers look like small children, with no hair and some of them have long nails. Their skin is grey and they look like poor little children who are four years old.
If you hear a howler around your house, that means that someone in your house will die.
Today, this legend is not so scary and it is used to scare children not to stay too late outside. I think this legend is lame and interesting. This is my favourite legend so far.

Dušan Bačkuljin VIII1, 1 December 2015

There are a lot of myths and legends in my country. The most interesting for me is the legend about howlers.
A howler is a scary creature. Howlers are abandoned and unbaptized children in fact. A howler is a combination of a child, cat and wolf. Citizens and villagers say that there are a lot of them in the area of Zaječar. People describe them as white creepy monkeys. Their scream sounds like the cry of a child and barking of a wolf. A howler chooses his victims who are connected to him. He cannot be killed until he finds peace. When he screams around someone's house, that means somebody from that house will die. He is afraid of the light. He usually walks in the graveyard. He attacks his victims by choking them while they are asleep. When someone walks after midnight, he jumps on their backs and screams.
I do not believe in legends, but I enjoy listening to them.

Vlatko Vranjin VIII4, 3 December 2015

People in eastern Serbia believe in a lot of legends. They are especially afraid of the mythical creature - howler.
A howler is a small, ugly creature with gray fur and huge, long claws. It is very aggressive and angry. Its screams sound like a baby's cry and wolf's howl. 
Howlers appear at night, because they are scared of the daylight. They attack people near graveyards or in the forest. Howlers jump on people's backs, scratch their faces and pluck their hair. That sounds creepy and unbelievable!
There is no evidence of the existence of howlers. However, a lot of people are still scared of those terrible monsters.

Tijana Varađanin VIII2, 1 December 2015 

There are not too many legends in my country, but they are interesting.
Howlers are small creatures, with big claws, small eyes and really fast. According to a legend, they live in the woods around villages.
There are rumours that they sometimes live in people's attics. They always make a strange noise, like scratching and walking. 
There have been some reports of eyewitnesses and of their attacks. They are mostly active at night. 
There were no investigations about these creatures. One of the eyewitnesses said that he had seen a dog-looking creature on the road, with no hair, with big claws and small black eyes. The devious creature jumped on the car and started scratching the windshield. The person pulled the car brake, the creature fell off the car and ran back to the woods, looking for his next victim.
I was pretty scared of this story when I was a child, and I still am.

Dragan Hercegan VIII2, 3 December 2015

There are a lot of legends in my country, but I find the legend about Sava Savanović most interesting.
Sava Savanović is said to have lived in an old water mill. It is said that he killed and drank blood of the millers who came to the water mill.
In other cultures, vampires are usually plain and slim, but in my country, vampires are tall, plump and strong.
A lot of people say that they saw Sava drink children's blood and strangle young women. It is said that there are a lot of witnesses to Sava's attacks. If you ask people near Bajina Bašta about Sava, you will get the most information about him, his attacks, tragedies and much more.
Legends from my country are super interesting and full of mysteries. I recommend everyone to explore other mysteries, because it can be fun, intense and very interesting.

Lazar Turudija VIII1, 3 December 2015

There are a lot of interesting legends in my country, but I think that the most interesting one is about our very first vampire, Sava Savanović.
Sava Savanović lived in a small village in Serbia, called Zarožje. 
Legend has it that he became a vampire after his wife's death. People from the village started hearing strange noises and sounds coming from the watermill. A couple of people wanted to investigate the water mill, so they went inside. Nobody saw them again. 
Legend has it that Sava would kill and drink the blood of everyone who came to the water mill. 
This legend was so interesting that it even inspired a horror film called 'A Butterfly'.

Kosana Jakonić VIII4, 1 December 2015

In my country, there are a lot of legends and fairytales. Our most famous one is about Mark the Prince.
Marko the Prince is an epic hero who appears in the late Middle Ages. Marko was tall and well-built. He had long brown hair, brown eyes and of course his long brown moustaches. Marko wore a wolf-skin cap, wolf-skin cloak, a red dolman and black leather boots. He had a sabre, a lance, a shield and his famous war hammer. 
He also had a horse, his most trusted and loyal friend, Šarac, who was famous for his multicoloured skin. In one story, Marko gave half of his wine to Šarac before the battle. 
There are a lot of stories and poems abou Marko the Prince, like: Marko the Prince plowing, Marko the Prince and the Eagle, Marko the Prince and the Fairy and a lot more.
I like Marko the Prince because he is a fair, righteous, just, brave and amusing knight.

Marko Dejanović VIII4, 1 December 2015

Serbia is a country with a lot of urban legends and myths. Some of them are true, others are false, but there is one legend that every citizen of Serbia knows. It is the legend of Marko the Prince.
Marko the Prince was a national hero who fought Turkish people in the 14th century. He was of medium height with a lot of muscles. Some say that Marko was so strong that he once squeezed a dead bush. He had dark black hair, brown eyes, a big black beard with thin black moustaches. 
Marko the Prince was known as 'the man who could do anything.' He would carry a lot of weapons. One of them was a sword which he used to fight against his enemies. The second weapon was a mace which he used to fight against wild animals if they attacked him. If the battle was far away, he would mount his horse Šarac  and got there in no time.
Marko the Prince was everyone's favourite hero because he was brave and would help anybody.

Stefan Vujić VIII3, 3 December 2015

In my country, there are a few legends I know of. One hero who is in most stories is the best for me.
Marko the Prince is the biggest hero in our stories. He was the strongest and biggest man. He pulled trees out of the ground with his bare hands, threw stones and cut them in pieces with his sword. While he was walking he was building mountains.
Marko was the son of King Vukašin Mrnjavčević. In 1371, the soldiers from Turkey killed his family on the Maritsa River in Bulgaria.
Marko lived like a free swordsman. He protected poor, weak people.
Marko carried his mace to battles. Everyone was scared of his mace. His weapon was the strongest. 
Šarac was his horse. They were best friends.
This hero died a natural death and was buried in a Mount Athos monastery.
People say that he is not dead. In fact, Marko is still alive in rhymes. I like him and he is the hero for me and my grandpa. He is our hero.

Luka Važić VIII2, 1 December 2015

One of the most famous legends from my country is the story about Devil's Town. It is situated in the south of Serbia, in Kuršumlija. 
Once upon a time, there lived humble, happy, peaceful and to faith committed people. Devil did not like it. He wanted to destroy the harmony. So he made some poisonous potion. When people drank  it, they would forget about their family relationships and get married to their own brothers and sisters. The fairy, who some people still believe exists and protects the Town, prayed to God to stop the wedding. God sent a breeqe to turn them into stones so the sin could stop.
Devil's Town is a popular tourist attraction and a lot of people visit it during the year.

Nataša Urošev VIII3, 3 December 2015

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