Friday, 9 March 2012

Essays making suggestions

Think about a global problem. Write an essay presenting your suggestions, as well as the results of these suggestions. Use the following ideas to write your essay:
P1: State the problem
P2: First suggestion and results
P3: Second suggestion and results
P4: Summarise your opinion
Don't forget to use some of the linking words to organise your ideas:
- to introduce suggestions: To begin/start with, One way, Firstly/Secondly...
- to express effect: Therefore, As a result/consequence...
- to conclude: All in all, To sum up/conclude...
The problem of the homeless people is one of the most serious problems in the world. However, we can do something to help them after all.
In my opinion, people can do at least three things to help them.
The first one is to donate money to charities. In this way, the homeless will get the basic necessities such as food, clean water, hygenic products, clothes, shoes and so on. They would also get the financial aid, so they could live a normal life.
The second suggestion is to offer the homeless some job training. In this way, they would learn how to do a job and it would enable them to find work and get their life in order.
The third suggestion is to provide healthcare. By doing this, the homeless would always have health protection. They would feel safer in that way.
As a result of these actions, there would be fewer homeless people in the cities, more of them would work and the countries would benefit if they worked.

Dimitrije BaĨkuljin, VIII2, March 2012

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