Monday, 12 March 2012

Save the... (essays)

… pandas

People know which animals are endangered, so they can help protect them. Forests must not be cut down by the people because the animals should not have a place to live. 
Some of the most endangered animals are pandas. They only live in central China and their food is bamboo which grows up every 100 years. Every year 15% of pandas die because they do not have enough food. If this continued for 50 years, pandas would disappear.
The animals must be saved because otherwise death would threaten the humans too. Unless humans see the mistake in what they are doing, everything will die out.
People must be conscious of their work and we must all protect what we have before it becomes too late!

Dejan Škorić, VIII1, March 2012

... clouded leopards

The clouded leopard is relatively a new species, but it is in a big danger because of the deforestation and people who hunt endangered animals.
One way to save clouded leopards is to stop deforestation of rainforests, where clouded leopards live. Also, people should stop hunting clouded leopards for their beautiful fur. By doing this, rainforests would not be destroyed and clouded leopards would have a place to live. Also, if we stopped hunting them, they would not die out, just because some people like wearing coats of their fur, want to be fancy and show the others how much money thay have.
Another way to solve this problem would be to boost security in the areas where clouded leopards live. In this way, cutting down trees and animal hunting would not be available and people could not do harm to rainforests and clouded leopards. They would survive.
All in all, we must wake up and look out for the world and what the other people are doing with it. They have already destroyed the habitats of many endangered species, and if we do not do anything soon, clouded leopards will disappear.

Teodora Plavšić, VIII1

... rainforests

Čaba Kurunci, Andrea Kiš & Sintia Gabor, VIII5

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