Sunday, 25 March 2012

Poetry Corner


So far from me
thousands of miles away
yet, you couldn't be closer to my heart,
Together we will rise above
please, return me, return me my faith in love!

Without hope, with desperate tears in my eyes,
alone in my sadness, no one to hear my cries.
Holding on to promise
bleeding drop by drop.

Hours passing by,
I can hear my heartbeats for you non-stop.
I hear how my soul screams for hope,
an open embrace, darkness pull me in.
Lonely, yet drawn to you,
while moonlight bathes my skin.

Now, I hear the silence,
suicidal feeling,
Lorning me to disaster,
but because of you,
my heart fights and beats faster.

Teodora Stankov, VIII1, March 2012

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