Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Chance to the Forest

Čaba Kurunci VIII5

Forests… Many have fallen to greed and only a few real ones stand in their full glory; spreading their knotted arms to the Sun and bewitching people with their smell of indescribable beauty.

Forests are providing us with plenty of resources and oxygen, so without them there is no life. Every tree offers a home to about a dozen of species that would disappear without it. 

Forests help us. But, what do we do in return? 

We destroy and burn them! 

Every time a forest disappears, hundreds of species disappear too. 

Still, there are some solutions. 

It would be a good idea to plant a new tree on the place of the one that was cut down. In this way, forests could be restored. 

We could also create new forests by planting the artificially prepared seeds that grow faster. Then, we would never have to worry about the lack of oxygen or resources. 

Finally, consider this. In every fairy tale there is a forest. So, where would the wolf live without its home? Where would the seven dwarfs live? What would happen to the elfish castles? What would happen to the witches’ home? And, in the end, how would it be possible for any kind of life to exist without the forests? 

We must take action now, before it becomes too late!

Rastko Zamurović, VIII2

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