Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My favourite animal (notes)

A snake has a long body, small eyes and a small nose. It is from Africa. Snakes are very clever animals. They eat insects, but they don't eat cheese! Snakes like small mice very much.

Anđela Tomić, IV5, March 2012

Lions are my favourite animals. They've got an orange body, a small nose and ears. They eat meat. They've got short legs and a tail. Lions are very fast animals.

Miona Vujošević, IV5

Mina Vidović IV1
My favourite animal is a panda. It eats bamboo. It is beautiful and it can climb trees. There are black and white and red pandas. Pandas live in China.

Mina Vidović, IV1

Adam Petrov IV1
My favourite animal is a rabbit. It eats carrots. It has got a short tail but long ears. Rabbits have got four legs. They are sweet animals.

Adam Petrov, IV1

Igor Zagorac IV1
Jovana Kljajić IV2
My favourite animal is a giraffe. Giraffes live in Africa. They are the tallest animals. They have got a long neck and a short tail. Giraffes are orange with brown points. They don't eat meat. They eat the leaves of trees.

Jovana Kljajić, IV2
Kristian Balaž IV2
My favourite animal is a giant panda. Pandas live in China. They have black and white fur. They have got a big round body and a short tail. Pandas eat any of the twenty-five bamboo species in the wild.

Kristian Balaž, IV2
Milan Jakšić IV2
My favourite animal is an elephant. It has got big ears and a big body. It has got big tusks. It has got a long tail and small eyes. It can hear very well. It looks like a mammoth. An elephant hasn't got a nose. It has got a trunk. I like elephants very much.

Milan Jakšić, IV2
Tijana Varađanin IV2
Dolphins are sea animals. They're grey and they have flippers. Dolphins are very clever. They eat fish. They can swim very fast.

Tijana Varađanin IV2
Tijana Varađanin IV2
Parrots are birds. They live in jungles. They eat seeds. Parrots have got two legs, a beak and colourful feathers. They can fly very fast.

Tijana Varađanin IV2 

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