Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My pet (notes)

My pet is a dog. His name's Wolf. He's brown and black. He's got a long tail and ears. My dog's got a small black nose. He eats meat, but hates cats. He's a very, very good pet.

Dušan Bačkuljin, IV1, March 2012

My pet is a dog. His name is Đole. He is white with brown spots. Đole likes to play with a tennis ball. He also likes to hide shoes in the yard. He likes to eat bones and candies. He is a very clean dog, but he doesn't like to take water. He always runs and jumps when he sees that I am going to the yard.

Strahinja Jesić, IV1

My pet is a fish. His name's Edward. His race is named warrior. He's small and dark red. He hates males of his race. He likes to eat insects. He can swim. His tail is long. He's the king of waters in my room.

Kristian Balaž, IV2

My cat's name is Elina. Her body is small. Her tail is long. She doesn't like water, vegetables and fruit. She likes  cats.

Nevena Milovanov, IV5

Some dogs are small. Some dogs are big. They can be black, white and brown.
My dog is very happy. His tail is long. He runs fast. He eats meat.

Vanja Basaraba, IV5

My cat is called Tutti. He has a long tail and small ears. He is yellow and white. He is very fast and loves mice. I love my cat a lot. He loves the company of other cats.

Marko Mijić, IV5

My dog's name is Gina. She is strong and she has big ears. She has a long tail. She likes meat and bones. Gina likes to play with me. When she sees a stranger, she barks loudly.

Slobodan Bakić, IV5;
Tijana Varađanin IV2

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