Thursday, 10 May 2012

Best friends (articles)

Everyone has a person or two they admire, that special person who shows a great example of doing something others say it couldn’t be done. The person I admire most is my BFF Jelena.

We met at a summer camp two years ago. Although we have known each other for just a while, it feels like we have known each other since kindergarten at least.

Jelena is tall, skinny and has wavy blond hair.

She is there for you 24-7 and never even breaks a smile. For example, whenever I ask her for a favour, she always puts her hand on my shoulder and says, ‘You don’t even have to ask, just tell me and I’ll do it.’

Jelena is a very good athlete. She’s good at basketball, swimming and volleyball. She has two silver and one bronze medals and several diplomas.
The reason why Jelena is the person I admire most is because she’s a good athlete, there for you and on top of everything an awesome friend to have.

Milica Marić, VIII2, May 2012

The name of my best friend is Tamara. We met each other on vacation. She lives in Belgrade.

She has short, curly brown hair and brown eyes. Tamara is very tall and slim. She has thin lips, too.

Tamara loves English and Maths. She is very smart and takes part in different competitions. She goes in for volleyball and handball. 

Tamara is very intelligent and funny. She is also well organised. She can do all the stuff for school and still has enough free time. 

Tamara is very stubborn and can sometimes be very annoying. But, she is a good listener and always gives me some advice. I love her. She is my best friend!  

Dobrila Bokan, VIII1, May 2012

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