Friday, 18 May 2012

The Card by Arnold Bennett (reading activities)

Give a virtual tour of the places described in the book

The first town is Bursley. It is a small town where people are very nice, but I feel like everyone is minding everyone's business.

There are many small houses for rent in Bursley and the rent is not high. 

The main street is Brougham Street. It goes down the hill to the canal and contains a number of pottery factories. 

The second town is Longshaw. You have so many intresting things to see there, like the beach and the sea, the rooms for you to sleep... At 'St Apaphs Road' bookshop you can buy the newspapers, souvenirs and other things. 

There are many ships, so you can go on some nice boat trips while you are in Longshaw. 

In Hanbridge town, there are many beautiful houses of rich people. This town is like the centre of the Five Towns. They have a really big Town Hall and a very respectable football club.

Anastazija Petkov, VIII2, May 2012  

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