Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Hero (descriptive essays)

Who is the hero in your life? What's his/her name? What does he/she look like? What's he/she like? Why do you admire this person? Describe your hero in an article.
My hero is my best classmate, Igor Pavlić. We first met on the 1st of September 2004. It was the first day of elementary school.

Igor is a handsome fourteen-year-old teen. He has been taking swimming lessons for eight years and that is why he has got big muscles. Igor weighs seventy-five kilos and he is one hundred and eighty centimetres tall. He has got brown hair and blue eyes.

He is a very social, brave, hardworking boy with a very big heart. When you ask him for help, he will do that with pleasure. Sometimes, when people make him mad, he becomes very rude, even if you are innocent. That is his flaw.

Igor is very popular in swimming. He has won so many medals that he might build a golden house.

Igor is my hero because he is smart, clever and has got bigger muscles than me. Another important reason why I have chosen Igor is trust.

Filip Smiljanić, VIII2

My hero’s name is Stan Lee. He makes a living by writing and drawing comic books. His most famous comics are: Spiderman, Iron Man, The X Men…

I heard about him when I was 6 years old. I was watching the movie ‘Spiderman’ and at the end of the credits I saw an interesting sentence: ‘Based on the original idea by Stan Lee.’

As I grew older, I started seeing him more like my role model, not just the guy who writes comics for people’s amusement.

Nowadays, Stan is old. He has grey hair, green eyes and for some reason he always wears sunglasses.

He has lots of personal qualities that he reflects in his comics. For example, he thinks that superheroes should not be perfect and indestructible. His creations are made like normal persons who cares bout the other persons and are not selfish.

I do not know much about his hobbies. I just know that he likes to draw and to write stories.

These days, Stan Lee is one of the most famous people in the world, because his comics were made into hit films, and he has a TV series called ‘Stan Lee’s Superhumans’ where he shows that there are superheroes in our everyday life.

I feel that Stan is a hero to a lot of people in the world and he will remain a hero long after he’s gone.

Csaba Kurunci, VIII5

All of us have a special person in our lives. For me, it is my mother.

According to me, she is the most beautiful person in the world. She has always a smile on her face and she never gets angry. She is always in a good mood and she is always there for me.

My mum is honest, reliable, patient, friendly, sociable, helpful and optimistic. She helps everybody who asks her for any kind of help. That is why all my relatives and neighbours love and respect her.

All her life she has been a mother, wife and housewife and has dedicated her life to us. My success is her biggest achievement.

I am thankful to her because she gave me the birth and I can say she is the best mum in the world.

Denis Nastovski, VIII2

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