Thursday, 24 May 2012

Love Story by Erich Segal (reading activities)

Write the story from Jenny's point of view

We all got into a garden called life. The roads that we walk are different, we move at a time, change, laugh, get ill, and most importantly, love.

So, I have loved a sweet and smiling person. the one who has radiated warmth to my heart. His name is Oliver. I have realised that he was one missing piece that would complement the mosaic of my heart.

I felt all the beauty and tender feelings when I had conversations with him. His smile has been the cure for my wounds. I have known that in addition to all the good luck I had with him, something bad was bound to happen. 

I have found out that we could not have children, that I had cancer and was going to die. Oliver finds it too hard to tolerate that fact. 

Those last days of my life we spent together were the most beautiful ones of my life. With him, I felt the beauty of life. With him, I regained all the other feelings that had been lost.

I am sorry I cannot spend the rest of my life with him. I am sorry I will have to leave him in this rigid world. He will have to fight through life alone. I loved him, he loved me, it was perfect, but everything that is perfect does not last long.

Doroteja Čikić, VIII2, May 2012      

Write the story from Oliver's point of view

If I'd have to tell you the whole story from the scratch, it wouldn't be so interesting as to the moment when I first met Jennifer and fell in love with her. 

It was enough to take a look at her black eyes. Those eyes didn't let me look away, they were like a magnet for my heart. I felt the desire to live again. I felt happiness in my soul, the one that had been lost for a long time.

The first time we met, we fell in love. Unfortunately, it all suddenly simply ended. Although our love was great and unconquerable, Jenny couldn't get pregnant. Like any future father, I myself wanted to have a child. I wanted to have a boy with her. But, this wish was taken away from me by cruel destiny. 

Once we got over the fact that we couldn't have children, the doctor called me and said that Jenny had cancer. All these beautiful and delicate feelings I got from my Jenny would be lost! Too much suffering and pain would sink my heart again and my soul would cry forever. 

When Jenny was buried, I couldn't speak. Her death locked my voice. I didn't want this to end. We promised each other the eternal love! But, that couldn't be fulfilled. 

Jenny is now in heaven with the other angels and I look forward to that day when death will join my dearest Jenny and me again.

Dragan Ševo, VIII2, May 2012

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