Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey (reading activities)

The Character I Like Best

Brat Farrar is the most interesting character for me. He is about twenty years old. He looks similar to Simon and Patrick Ashby. In fact, he is their cousin, an orphan from America. Thus, the likeness. 

When he comes to England, a family friend of the Ashbys, Alec, realises that he looks just like the missing Patrick. So, he offers Brat to impersonate Patrick and take the Latchetts estate. The Ashby family accepts Brat nicely like he was real Patrick. He starts loving the family too. 

Soon, Brat notices that Simon often acts weird towards him. Brat’s curiosity and wisdom bring him to doubt that Simon in fact killed Patrick because of Latchetts. He succeeds in finding Patrick’s body and solves the mystery of Patrick’s disappearance. 

Brat’s lust for fortune brings him to the family, but he has a good heart and he knows that the family is more important than the estate.

Igor Pavlić VIII2, May 2012

Write a different ending

One night Brat left for the quarry and along the way he met Simon. Simon asked Brat to confess that he was not Patrick as he killed him. Simon asked him to go away and leave the family alone. He offered to pay him for it. Brat agreed and went back to America, bought horses and a farm. He developed a business and in a few years became a rich man. He went back to England as he always liked Eleanor and asked her to marry him. The twins were married too and had their own kids. It was revealed that Simon killed his brother and he spent the rest of his life in prison. Meanwhile, Aunt Bee died and the three girls inherited her possession. Brat went to America with his wife, they had twins and lived happily ever after.

Denis Nastovski VIII2, May 2012

Čaba Kurunci, VIII5

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