Monday, 7 May 2012

My Ideal Holiday (letters)

Imagine that you're on holiday at your favourite destination. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her what visitors can do there, what sights they can see, what you're doing, and things like that.

Dear Tom,

I'm writing you from Leptokaria, Greece. It' s a small city with not so many activities.

The weather's great. It's hot and sunny. We had rain only for one day.

I'm here with my brother, mother and my friends, Dušan, Milorad, Stefan and Andrej. We're all swimmers.

The hotel's good. We have the Internet, TV and our own kitchen.The food's excellent. Every day we eat gyros and ice cream. We play beach volleyball.

Two days ago we were in Aqua park in Salonica. It was one of the best days on this holiday. An aqua park' s a very good place to have fun. I like the speed and water. I've found all that in this park. Everything had been super until I got hurt. I hit the concrete!

I suggest Leptokaria for family people who like a peaceful place. The beach's sandy. The water's clear and hot. It's so perfect I never want to leave!

See you soon,

Your friend, Igor

Igor Pavlić, VIII2, 3 May 2012

Hi, Abby,

I've finally arrived in London! I can't believe it, my dream has come true!

My little hotel's so cosy and beautiful.

I'm sitting on the couch right now, drinking some tea and I can't be happier! It's a bit cloudy now, but the weather's just fine. I'm going on a tour with my group later, to take some pictures! I'll e-mail them tomorrow. I just can't wait to take pictures of their telephones and the Big Ben!

I've met a few people here and we're roommates now. Ivonne and Sam are with me. They're from Scotland and Wales. They're so funny and friendly!

I love the shops here. I'll bring you an amazing souvenir! Something you really want... Guess!

Tomorrow I'm going to the restaurant I've already ordered breakfast from. It couldn't have been more delicious! I've never tasted better eggs and bacon in my entire life! I can't wait to get there tomorrow! I'm going there for some lunch break after taking some pictures.

The sites can't be better! London's such a beautiful city! I would really like the two of us to visit it together next year. It would be so much fun!

I really love London, but I really miss you, Abby, and the others. Send them lots of hugs and kisses. I'll bring a souvenir for every single one of you!


Anđela Kovljenić, VIII1, 3 May 2012

Dear Sister,

I'm in Golubac. It's a beautiful and peaceful place, next to the big river of Danube.

We have great weather with a lot of sun, but it's not warm all the time. We have a lot of shade under the big poplar trees.

Our fishing trip's doing great! Until now, we've caught four big carps and two perches! Our fishing spot's perfect! We have the beautiful nature around us. We sleep in our tent and have all the necessary equipment.

Golubac is a very cute place on the map of Serbia with a lot of kind and good people, but the only thing I don't like is the rubbish all around us. I hope that some people will do something about it and make Golubac nicer than it is now!

Lots of love,


Jovan Kovačević, VIII3, 3 May 2012

Dear Jelena,

I’m writing from Venice, Italy. The weather’s great. It’s sunny and a bit windy.

I’ve made new friends, Alexandra from Russia and Samantha from Canada.

Each place I visit in Venice is great. The other day I went with Alexandra on a boat trip. We saw the whole city on water. The following day, Samantha, Alexandra and I went to a restaurant. We tried a pizza called ‘The pineapple surprise’ and then pastas. The food was amazingly delicious.

One of the interesting things about Venice is that it’s the only city on water in the world.

I also like the souvenirs. I’ve never thought Venice could be so beautiful and lovely. I recommend it to everyone, especially you.

See you back home.



Milica Marić, VIII2

Dear Jelena,

I’m writing to you from the big island of Hawaii. My friends and I came up with an idea to come here last week.

We arrived on Monday and we’re in the 5-star Europa hotel.

We’re amazed by the coast. It’s always summer here, as we’ve heard, with only few rainy days a year.

So far Mima, Jaca, Vlada, Jovana and I have played volleyball on the beach, been scuba diving and jet skiing. We’ve also visited the Museum in Honolulu and some volcanoes.

The other evening, we wee in a national restaurant and the dishes were tasty, but don’t ask me for their names, because I don’t remember them.

On the island, there are a lot of palm trees. The beaches are sandy and the water around the island is so clear.

I’m having an amazing holiday here. I’ve learnt many new things about Hawaii and I would advise you to go there as well.

I’m very happy to have my dream come true and I’ve had the chance to visit such an exciting place.

See you soon,

Denis Nastovski VIII2

Dear Tom,

How is it back there? I’m having so much fun here in France. The weather is amazing. It’s hot and sunny. I’m going to take pictures of Paris in about an hour. I can’t wait!

I’m here with Tanya and Sam. They’re so fine and funny. We met on the bus and we spend every moment together!

I love my little hotel. It’s so great. The food’s a bit expensive, but it’s delicious. I love the Eiffel Tower. My dream’s finally come true! The people are so kind…

I wish you were here with me. We would have so much fun together. Maybe next year?



Siniša Danić, VIII1

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