Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame (reading activities)

Describe the friendship of Mole and Ratty

The friendship between Mole and Ratty is a strong bond that nobody can break. These two friends are so good to each other because they know that to keep a good friend is never easy. 

When Mole's house was flooded, Ratty was the one who welcomed him with open arms. 

Ratty and Mole spend their free time together in fun and laughter. 

Once, when Ratty was showing the woods to Mole, he advised him not to go there, because the forest was very dense and he could get easily lost. But, Mole went on a tour in the forest. He made a few steps into the woods and got lost. The horrible sounds were coming from many sides. He was sorry because he did not listen to Ratty. What he did not expect was the hand of Ratty seen somewhere in front of his face. After that, they went home together. This event further strengthened the friendship between them. In the future, Mole promised himself to consult Ratty for everything first. 

These two friends have shared, share and will share everything together. As I said before, this friendship is very strong. They will assist each other in every situation, even if they should pay very high price for that. 

It is great to have such a good friend who understands, respects and loves you.   

Ana Ĺ ogorov, VIII2, May 2012

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