Sunday, 13 May 2012

Matilda by Roald Dahl (reading activities)

Write an imaginary interview with the author of the book (answers missing)

What inspired you to write this book?
How was the book accepted by the public?
Do you believe that telekinetic powers really exist? Would you like to have them?
What did your family say about the idea of telekinetic powers?
Was it hard to stay focused on writing this book?
Are you satisfied with the success of your story?
Do you consider 'Matilda' one of the best books you have ever written?
How long did it take to write this book?
What is the message of your story?

Vladimir Jakšić, VIII2. May 2012

Prepare a quiz

Who is Matilda?
She is a girl who did not have a nice childhood.

What are the names of Matilda's parents?
They are called Tinija and Henry.

Where does Matilda spend her free time?
In the library and with friends from school.

What is the name of Matilda's teacher?
Her name is Miss Honey.

What is the name of the headteacher of Matilda's school?
Her name is Mrs Truchbull.

Does Matilda have any brothers or sisters?
She has one brother.

What is the name of Matilda's brother?
His name is Michael.

What is the relationship of Miss Honey and Mrs Truchbull?
Mrs Truchbull is Miss Honey's aunt. She is half-sister of Miss Honey's father.

Where does Matilda have to live with her parents?
She is supposed to live in Spain.

Since Matilda was adopted by Miss Honey, is she happy now?
Yes, now she lives a happy life.

Dragan Ševo, VIII2, May 2012

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